The 1996 Federal Wildlife Service survey showed that approximately 14 million hunters spent approximately $21 billion dollars on their sport.  Over $6 billion dollars of this amount was spent on equipment.

What do gun owners and hunters do to help our wildlife?  If you listen to anti-gun advocates, they will tell you "nothing."  That is far from true.  Do you know what the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act (Pittman-Robertson Excise Tax) is?

Sponsored by Senator Key Pittman of Nevada and Representative A. Willis Robertson of Virginia, this law was signed into law in 1937 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  It is an excise tax on firearms, ammunition and archery equipment.  This is not just on hunting rifles, but all firearms, including handguns.

This excise tax is available to the individual states to be used for specific purposes.  The individual states may:

Since these funds are used to manage wildlife areas and wetlands, non-game animals are managed as well as game animals.  This means that even people that never hunt, but enjoy activities such as bird watching and just enjoying nature will benefit.

In addition to the Pittman-Robertson Act, hunters and trappers provide revenue by buying hunting and trapping licenses and, where necessary, permits and tags.

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