Welcome to the Al Shelton Community on the World Wide Web.  This page and domain name are registered.  It is listed on several search engines.  If you are interested in making your presence known to the world, contact me regarding creating your own personal Web page.

I have had a Web page since early 1994.  I can construct a page to your specifications for you, and get you listed with several search engines.  These pages are not made with templates.  The information is hand coded, using JavaScript, Perl, HomeSite and TopStyle software.

My personal Web Page prices start at $60.  You can publish photos of yourself or your family, or any other information that you desire.  Let relatives in other states and foreign countries see what you and your family currently look like.

Business pages start at $125.  I can upload your pages and maintain them for you or you can upload and maintain them yourself.  My pages load quickly, so you won't lose a lot of your customers that are impatient.  These pages are generally trouble free.  You can have animation, JavaScript's, frames and any of the other popular formats that are now available.  Your page will be optimized for viewing on several browsers.

To better enjoy this site, please make sure that you are using the latest version of your Internet Browser.  How do you know what version of browser you are using?  Most browsers will have a toolbar with headings such as "file," "edit," "help" and several other choices.  If you click on the one that says "help", you should get a menu with several choices.  The one that you want will say something like: "about Netscape" or "about explorer."  Click on that heading and it will tell you the version of the browser that you are using.

To fully enjoy all the different sites on the Internet, you should use the newest browser that you can get.  Newer browsers can use things such as style sheets to give a site a better appearance.  Browsers can be downloaded at no cost.  If you wish, you can click on the appropriate Microsoft Internet Explorer logo or the Netscape logo and download a more advanced browser.

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