Megami, the Isshinryu Goddess on a background of the seal of the King of Okinawa. Megami was designed by Sensei Arsenio Advincula. Sensei Advincula studied directly under the Isshinryu Master, Tatsuo Shimabuku for a number of years.


My name is Al Shelton. I began my Martial Arts training in Isshinryu Karate in 1971 with Sensei Jim Apelian in Northridge, California. I was unemployed at the time and a friend paid my first three months of lesson fee's. He was very interested in learning the Martial Arts, but did not want to do it alone. When my friend quit after two months, I talked the Sensei (Instructor) into letting me clean the Dojo (school, or place of study) and teach new students to pay for my Martial Arts education.

I was so engrossed that I would spend six to eight hours a day six days a week working out and learning everything that I could about the Arts. Although I was unemployed when I started, this devotion continued after I got a job. It seemed like I didn't have a life, but it got me away from questionable friends that I had. I was promoted to Shodan in 1973.

My second Sensei was Bob Ozman, Mr. Apelian's instructor. I studied under Sensei Ozman from 1974 until late 1975 in Sherman Oaks, CA. Mr. Ozman was a student of Sensei Clarence Ewing. Sensei Ozman also studied under Master Uezu.

I then spent a number of years (1975-1981 and 1983-1988) practicing with Albert Cornejo first at Master Ed Parker's West LA Dojo and later at Greg Wilkinson's Dojo in the same area. I had the privilege of meeting and talking to Mr. Parker and found him to be a man of high moral character. I did not formally practice American Kenpo, but I learned a lot from the students.

I have also studied under Sensei Steve Torres in San Clemente. I was introduced to Master Advincula in Oceanside by Sensei Torres in 1990. Here is his official Web site.I spent one or two Saturdays at Master Advincula's school for about one year. Master Advincula was a student of Master Shimabuku for about 17 years. He is probably the most demanding Sensei that I have ever studied under. Another interesting Web site that Sensei Advincula recommends is the Ole Miss Karate Club.

I opened my Dojo (Shelton's Ryukyu Karate) in 1991 through the City of Burbank (CA) Parks and Recreation Department. I joined Juko Kai International the same year. I am currently a retired Rokudan (sixth degree black belt) with Juko Kai International.

Thank you for your time and patience.

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