The sailing trip was, unfortunately, short lived.  Due to medical issues, the Captain was forced to cancel the trip.  Maybe next year.

I did start the trip and made it to Washington State.  I took a couple of pictures and had a few memorable moments.  The only actual sailing on the trip was from Port Lions to Homer aboard the State Ferry Tustumena.

Here are some pictures of the State Ferry Tustumena arriving at Port Lions.  The second picture shows her approaching the pier at an extreme angle.  That is because of the wind.  The next picture is of the life raft and the vehicle loading ramp.  Port Lions is the only stop the Tusty makes where the gangway is not put down for walk-on passengers.  We use the vehicle elevator.

The remaining pictures are of the small stateroom I had and a couple of views of the ocean as we left.  I took this time to stay outside even though it was cold, just to enjoy the ocean.  I smoked my last cigar and saw a whale surface a couple of hundred yards off of our starboard quarter.  I think I was the only one to see it.  It wasn't announced and no one else was on deck near the stern.  It all made me realize how much I miss being on the ocean.

Tusty coming in to Port Lions Tusty nearing the pier
My stateroom View behind the Tusty leaving Port Lions View from the Tusty

The following pictures are of the area near the ferry terminal in Homer.  The first is of a very brave seagull that I could have actually touched.  He didn't seem concerned that the ferry was docking and might crush him.  There are a few pictures of the area around the Homer ferry terminal.  The bus stop is on the Kenai Peninsula past Soldotna, near the Kenai Princess Lodge.  The picture of the train came out nice considering it was taken from the moving bus.

Seagull in Homer View of mountains around Homer View of mountains around Homer
Bus stop on the Kenai Peninsula Alaska Railroad heading north near Ship Creek

I didn't take any pictures in the Anchorage Airport.  The only thing I can say about the current airport situation is that you feel like you are under house arrest.  I arrived about 1400 (2 PM to you non-military types) and was not due to leave until almost 0100 the following morning.  That is really great.  I will check my bags and go shopping for a couple of things I need in Anchorage.

It doesn't work that way anymore.  I haven't flown outside of the state since before 9/11.  Now you can't check in until 4 hours before you leave and they keep reminding you that you have to stay with your luggage.  Stores and restaurants just love it when you walk in with 2 or 3 bags and try to shop.  So I'm stuck and the only thing to do it find an AC outlet so I can recharge my iPod.

The following pictures are of my rental car, the drive to Okanogan and the area around Okanogan.

My rental car Scenery driving to Okanogan, WA. Area around Okanogan
Area around Okanogan Area around Okanogan Area around Okanogan
Area around Okanogan Area around Okanogan Area around Okanogan
Area around Okanogan Area around Okanogan

The following pictures are of the hill and stadium where the annual "Suicide Race" is held.  Riders on horseback come down that steep hill into the river, swim across and race into the stadium.

Suicide Race course Suicide Race course Suicide Race course
Suicide Race course

Yes, there will be pictures of a sailboat on this site.

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