Welcome to the commodities trading page.  Are you tired of working for someone else?  Would you like to not only earn a living, but drastically improve your financial condition?  You only need to spend about thirty minutes a day (after a short training period) to run your own business.  It has been working for me.  After investing over $17,000 in "Home Businesses" that didn't work, I learned about options and commodities.

For almost a century and a half the futures markets have provided a means for the producer to hedge against drastic price changes.  This is a form of insurance for the producer.  The speculator accepts the risk that the producer wishes to avoid in the hopes of making a profit.  Commodities includes agricultural products (meats, grains, etc.), foreign currencies (such as the Euro), precious metals (gold, silver and copper), energy products (crude oil, natural gas, etc.), financial instruments (bonds, treasury notes, etc.) and stock indexes (Dow, S&P 500, etc.).

Although You don't have to use charting software to trade commodities and futures, Track 'n Trade Pro 5.0 really helps me.  I use it to analyze charts and practice paper trading to help me really learn how to trade, and the more I practice, the better I get at trading.  Track 'n Trade Pro 4.0 is an inexpensive software that has received "Stocks and Commodities" magazine's Reader's Choice award for the past three years (2003, 2004 & 2005).  This software makes it easier to perform technical analysis on different markets.  Click on the Track 'n Trade Pro 4.0 graphics below to request your free 30-day trial:

Use the software to download market data each day.  Indicators such as Fibonacci indicator, moving averages, Williams AD, momentum, Bollinger bands and RSI (relative strength indicator) to name a few are available to assist you in making an intelligent decision.  In addition to fundamentals and recommendations by knowledgeable sources, you have the opportunity to pick winners.  This knowledge applied to paper trading will let you know if this business is for you without you risking a lot of money.  Paper trading is, simply, trading with "play" money.

One way to properly paper trade is to do it through a reputable Broker.  I have been with Orion Futures since 2001 and have been very satisfied with the excellent service.  A broker will also assist you in setting up your margin account.   This account is required of anyone that trades commodities.  Check out their page and see if they can assist you.

Although commodities trading is not for everyone, it has an advantage that a lot of business don't have.  You can try this business out to see if you will be successful before investing money in it.  Remember the most important fact about paper trading:  If you don't make money paper trading you won't make money when you invest real money in the markets, so it isn't for you.

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